Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

As some of you may know, the love of my life, and boyfriend of nearly 5 years, and I became engaged to be married about a month and half ago. Although planning the "the big stuff" and thinking about all the little details (we're our own planners!) has had it's share of being overwhelming so far, the fact that we're getting married (I'm getting married!!!) is so painfully satisfying and exciting for the both of us. I love to stop and let the thought "I'm going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend" resonate. Yea, yea...I know some of you are about to barf and probably not as a result of my previous post (see A Lesson in Excitement), but I can't help it-- I had to share it out a little. :)

Anyway, I read Style Me Pretty almost daily and enjoy getting inspiration from real weddings that are featured. Today, I stumbled upon a little video a couple from Seattle, John and Jessica, had created by a very talented Alec Cattarin. This video seriously had me on the brink of tears for two reasons: 1) I'm a huge  romantic sap and 2) It made me envision our wedding day.

I just had to share this beautiful little video with you all.

It's so precious and sweet-- love is amazing!


  1. I got engaged about a month and a half ago too! And I can no longer watch anything wedding related on TLC without tearing up.

  2. I know! Baha...we're suckers. :)

  3. Amanda! I can't wait for your wedding either! =) I'm so happy and excited for you two. So much love, Mallerie