Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Toscana Tuesday!

I am so excited for tonight's post! Mostly because it reminds me of how excited I was to eat tonight's dinner about one hour ago. Zuppa Toscana is, hands down, one of my absolute favorite soups! I posted a recipe on my blog when I used to be Yumology and you can find it here. I make this so many times that the recipe might as well be engraved into my brain. However, because I happen to love kale so much, I typically add extra. Also, today I used a Italian turkey sausage and homemade chicken broth made from last week's roast chicken carcass (Martha would be proud).

My apologies for the poor photo-- you do what you can when you're out of natural light and only have your iPhone on hand! :)

I hope, if you haven't made this already, enjoy this soup as much as I do. Happy Toscana Tuesday!

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