Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thank You, Bearded Owl's Hoot!

This post is a big, warm, and fuzzy "THANK YOU!" to Lisa Marie of Bearded Owl's Hoots. You may remember my "Wear What You Eat" post last year with the Ellie Eternity Scarf and a scrumptious strawberry cupcake. Well, when Lisa saw that I featured her shop and item on OMP!, she contacted me and offered to send me a complimentary scarf. She's so sweet!

I just received my Ellie Eternity Scarf in clover green with the most thoughtful note including a completely unnecessary apology for a delay in sending out the package-- seriously, Lisa is a doll!

Although, it's getting warmer, I can't help but want to wear my hand knit scarf around all the time! It's incredibly soft and it's incredible length makes a great statement scarf in addition to keeping your neck (and more) warm.

Maybe my AC will get some loving action so I can wear it more...anything for a cute accessory, right? ;)

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