Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nice Moves

This morning when I opened up my e-mail inbox, I was puzzled when I saw one from "Warby Barker". Yes, I said Barker...not Parker. I immediately chuckled at the images on the message-- several breeds of adorable dogs wearing glasses! I clicked on the link right away and the squeals only got louder! As soon as the site fully loaded up, I found myself questioning every link. Could these be the new "Doggles?" Warby are a GENIUS! I'll take two-- one for each of my dogs. Oh, right...they don't need prescription frames. I'll just purchase frames from the Sunwear collection then. No problem!

Yes, I looked at every pair of glasses. Yes, I am sick! But, I wanted to see all the dogs! When do pooches ever get the opportunity to look hilarious and professional at the same time? Not often, I'll tell you that. :)

Every purchase comes with a gluten-free dog treat and free shipping. What a deal.

Yes, like I said, I am sick.

However, no worries, when you try to purchase (no, I really wasn't going to buy them...I'm not that nuts), Warby Parker let's you know it's all an April Fools joke. Ohhhh, nice moves, guys! My favorite and the most adorable AF joke, today.

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