Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Household Toys

Yesterday, I had a day that involved crafting, baking, and some bridal shower prepping (for a friend). I realized that I had used all of my favorite toys in my house. Hmmm...what do these things say about me? Haha.

My Household Toys
1. Dyson Animal Vacuum: Our biggest super hero in the war against dog hair in this house.
2. Kitchen Aid Professional 6 Quart Stand Mixer: I use this nearly everyday! It's definitely run several marathons if you consider creaming butter, eggs, and sugar running.
3. Ryobi Mini Power Sander: I threw in the towel for sanding projects down with my hands. This power sander is a dream.
4. Cricut Die Cutting Machine: I don't know how I survived crafting without one of these before! My friend loaned me hers last summer for wedding prep and I fell in love. I was stoked when I found the one I own at JoAnn's on Clearance for $75!

What's funny is if you handed me a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, a Skip It, and a Neopet (obviously a 1990's child), I would probably still be just as excited.

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