Sunday, August 18, 2013

Attributes of a Textbook

There's a lot to be said, positive and negative, about an E-Book that an art school requires students to purchase for the quarter-- especially when it's a bargain of $50.00. Shall I count the ways?
1.) Positive. It's inexpensive in comparison to the nearly $1,000 semester texts in undergrad and graduate school.
2.) Negative. You're not allowed to print or access any hard copy versions of the text. This makes it frustrating for a student who prefers to mark up and highlight pages.
3.) Negative. The presence of spelling and grammatical errors are embarrassing for any published text. For example, do not be alarmed at "purer" as it simply another version of "pure". The authors just felt like the extra "R" gave the word a bit more personality.

Now, there are some specific excerpts that are pretty amusing-- maybe you can decide if they are positive or negative attributes. 
1.) "Breakfast menus should cover less space than other meal menus and usually should have larger type, because people are not yet awake."

2.) "College and university students often show distinct ties between frustration and food. Arriving at school in the fall, most students' spirits are high and they enjoy their new experiences. At this time, the food is considered good. (This is the time for the foodservice department to save money on its budget.) However, as the newness wears off, students miss home and loved ones more. The rigors of classes, assignments, term papers, and examinations begin to create problems and frustrations, and students begin to take out their frustrations on the food they are getting. Food riots can even result. It is no coincidence that troubles on campus rise with such pressures. Students don't realize that the food they once liked now is cause for great dissatifaction. (This is now the time to put the money previously saved on the budget into better food.)"

No. I didn't make any typos. Those excerpts are copied directly from my textbook (one that will be left annoymous). Should it be positive quality since it entertains me? Or, should I consider these to be more ridiculous writing?

Just keep in mind...the E-Book only cost $50.00...

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  1. Frustrating, since you have to pay for this "education", but so glad to see your positive attitude in finding the humor in it all. :)