Saturday, August 24, 2013


My best friend and I share the same birthday month with just 5 days in between each date. Since college, we've been having celebratory dinners together. It's always a fun evening filled with good company, food, and a few yummy cocktails. When designing the cake for the evening, I wanted to keep it simple, but spunky! A hot pink and dark navy glitter striped cake fit the bill nicely. However, the cake got a little more "oomph" with three little letters placed across the top.

The phrase is a perfect way to sum up all the blessings coming towards us in this next year of life for both of us. To name just a few, she just bought her first house, I am in a new great place in life as I work towards my pastry degree, and we both only have the most wonderful people to call our friends (including each other!).

Sometimes, a little "Yay!" goes a long way!

We ate this delicious cake for dessert at one of our favorite steakhouses last night. Chocolate cake with layers of cookie dough filling (recipe here) and vanilla buttercream? Yes, please! 

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