Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our First Birthday!

One year ago Henry and I began our life together as husband and wife. This means, today is our first birthday (a.k.a first anniversary)! :)
It's amazing how much we have grown together in just a single year in marriage even after nearly 6 years of dating. There have been a lot of ups, several bumps, some accidentally bleached shirts, unvaccuumed rugs...but altogether amazing and blessed year. I'm so grateful to have my greatest love also be my best friend!

Our wedding day was so perfect, to us. Looking back, I want to do it all over again! I miss my gorgeous dress (that is now preserved in a box for safe keeping), our beautiful venue, the fabulous music, sweet little details, and all the heartfelt emotions. In fact, our highlight video still gets me choked up.

So what are we doing to celebrate our first anniversary? 
Nothing glamorous at all, but perfect in its own way. This morning, Henry assisted in delivering a wedding cake about 90 minutes away, we had Thai food for lunch, we will be going to church later this evening, and we will most certainly be eating cake (more details on this special cake later)! 
Last month, our friend, Adriel of A.C. Cinema, took some photos for us. They were for our anniversary, but mostly for fun.  The photos were taken at Gunther's Ice Cream in Sacramento-- it was perfect because we served their ice cream at our wedding (and we'll take any excuse to eat more of it). Here are some of my favorite images:


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  1. Aww... Cannot believe it's been a year!Happy Anniversary from your big sister ;-)You know who!