Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Photography

Since our engagement in the summer, my fiance and I have started to get extra excited as the months pass by. Although we have a good while until our wedding month, September 2012, comes, the both of us have eagerly thought of details regarding our day. We are trying to get as many things taken care of since time is on our side to prevent crazy stress-city.

As soon as we became engaged, we quickly tried to find two things: 1) a venue with suitable date and 2) our photographer. However, our route towards booking these two details were a little out of the ordinary compared to most couples and we worked around our photographer's schedule prior to setting a date. Why? It's simply because I fell in love with the work of Stephanie Williams since I first came across her photos about 3 years ago.

Stephanie and her husband, Isaac, work as a team to provide amazing documentation of weddings and other celebrations. Together, they produce photographs that are filled with beautiful luminosity and definitely capture the pure romance, love, and joy from each happy moment.  Additionally, their creative and whimsical work totally connected with our style and personalities. My fiance and I searched for comparable photographers and did find a few we liked, but none that we adored as much. When my future husband described the photos as having "some sort of...magic", I knew we couldn't go with any other artist! 

We are anxiously looking forward to our engagement photo session in the spring and for Stephanie to capture the first day we stand together as husband and wife in the fall!

Both of us knew that finding the perfect photographer was going to make the wedding even more special. The photos and memories within them are going to last forever! 

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