Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who I Want to Be

A woman with poise and class. Elegant yet quirky. On a path filled with continual growth and learning. Courageous and confident to take risks. A cup that will overflow with positivity. Eclectic. Adventurous. Productive. Proactive. Capable to turn trials around. Determined to look for the greener side of things. Feminine yet a little rough around the edges. Slow to anger, quick to forgive. The type of person who leaves meaningful impressions on the lives of others. A woman you can count on to make you smile, give you support, and give you hugs. A woman who you can count on to be realistic and honest. The kind of person with pretty dresses? Yes, please. The girl with cute shoes-- always. A woman who knows what she wants and remembers to stay true to herself and her beliefs as she works towards anything. Patient. Strong. Secure. Someone who remembers to r-e-l-a-x.

The kind of woman who shows love in everything she does. A bride. Wife. Mother. Faithful sister and daughter. A life partner filled with reasonableness, support, an open mind, and a warm heart. A wife who will work for her marriage and never give up. Nurturing and generous. Loving and compassionate. Responsible and assertive.  A wife and mother you can turn to. Someone who brings out the best in her husband. Someone who shares her emotions. The kind of person who always make the best chocolate chip cookies. Someone who values Saturday morning pancake breakfasts. Best-ever-hostess. A cleaner. An organizer. A fun date! 

A friend you can count on. A shoulder you can cry on. Someone who will bring you food-- just because. Spontaneous. Genuine and true. Loyal. The kind of friend who will always have a cold beer in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer, and a cheesy chick-flick available. Someone who you can call in the middle of the night. A good shopping buddy. A better chit-chat buddy. Encouraging and reliable. Ready to help you see error in your ways, but eager to help you change for the better. Someone who remembers your birthday. Someone who will always shine a smile your way.

A woman who's life is filled with joy. Creative and domestic. Baker and chef. Educator. Teacher. Someone who will live for the simplest pleasures. The kind of person who will always strive to create a life attributed with whimsy, beauty, and refined touches. Someone who will share these parts of her life with the people around her. Someone who lives in a quaint and charming place. Stylish. Humble. Modern. Classic. A healthy eater. A every-once-in-a-while junk food eater. The kind of person who takes care of her body. The kind of person who takes care of her soul. A woman who always wears what she loves. Someone who yearns to learn new tasks and take on new skills.  The kind of person who knows that life is a journey and every experience and person along the way help make it richer. The kind of person who accepts mistakes because she knows they are necessary for success and growth.

And...someone who shows the glory of God in all that she does (1 Cor 10:31). The kind of woman who will put God first and fill her family with reminders of His grace and blessings. A steward. Gracious. Forever thankful. Someone who fears the Lord.

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  1. Like. You have been many, many of those things to me. I'm blessed to call you friend.