Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dream Big

I think we can all agree that having dreams is important. You've got to dream big and set strong, yet realistic goals, to achieve. Well, lately I feel like I have been, indeed, dreaming on a larger scale.

This week, I dreamt of...

...folding the laundry that's made a pile in our bedroom,
giving my dogs a bath,
fixing the curtain rod that collapsed in our loft,
finishing the chair in the garage that I am trying to reupholster,
dusting our staircase,
getting a blog post published,
....and, I'll be really honest, a big, big, soft and chewy...

butterscotch cookie. 

Okay, I lied. Make that two cookies (dreaming big, here).

I didn't just place all of those dreams on my list only to continue not making them happen. Most of them were reached yesterday and the blog post is happening NOW. Cha-ching!

My schedule's been so full lately since pastry school started. I find that while commuting back and forth between class and tutoring sessions keeps me moving when I am not sitting for hours completing homework and reading texts. This does make balancing household duties and unfinished projects difficult. 

Well, what do you know-- there's another part of the teacher lifestyle I still have in me. Ha!

Do you ever wish you had a genie to make all your dreams come true with the wrinkle of her nose?
My genie in a bottle is MIA, but if yours comes around...please ask her for my cookie.

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