Thursday, July 11, 2013

The First Week of Pastry School!

It has arrived! My first quarter in pastry school started this week!

Monday was my very first day of classes. Since I haven't been teaching for several months now, It had been awhile since I found myself in the early-to-rise and early-to-work (or school in this case) routine. However, I shot out of bed Monday morning at 4:45, went to the gym for an hour of cardio/strength training, finished getting ready, and drove to school-- all with enthusiasm and high energy! It seemed so surreal that this new chapter in my life was coming into full view.
A look at some ID cards through the years! Do you like the hair in my face on my new student ID card?
Hubs says it's very 90's.  Haha...Whatever, I can't remember the last time I actually was fond of my ID picture! 
My schedule this quarter is pretty decent, in my opinion. I have class Monday-Wednesday; Wednesday is the only day that I have two lectures. With this schedule, I am able to still fully continue private tutoring my students-- it ends up working out pretty nicely. Although I don't have any lab/kitchen classes this quarter, my lectures seem promising. Two classes focus on various avenues of management in the culinary industry, one course is about nutrion science, and my last class delivers the theory behind the fundamental concepts and techniques of the kitchen. Lectures are long and run 3-4 hours each, but I really enjoy them. I love how specific they are to exactly what I want to be learning! As long as I remember to pack an ample amount of healthy snacks to keep me fueled, the sitting and note-taking is not bad at all.
Prepping lesson plans for my students and class syllabi and assignments for myself! Is it wrong that I absolutely love organizing my school notebooks/binders? I always have...I confess to also liking homework. Judge me all you want.
Unfortunately for Henry, though, I have been talking his ears off all week about my experiences, opinions, and ideas about all my classes. Each day of class, he always came home eager to hear about my I lay it all out! My hubby is so supportive and encouraging (as always)!
Even with school and tutoring, baking orders still get fulfilled! We've got macarons for days, here.
The most enlightening part of this first week of school is the realization that I am completely and truly present-- emotionally and physically-- in the journey of working towards my passion. Stepping onto campus, walking by the kitchens, and sitting in class-- these are all reminders and symbols that I am exactly where I need and want to be (mind and body). The light bulb in my head seems to be beaming much brighter as my "student-mode" focuses on subject matter my heart has selected. It is so dynamically different to be in school, this third time around. Whether it be the fact that I am now older or that I am choosing to be in student to work on something I love, my lens is stronger, sharper, and more focused. I find myself trying to "milk" the learning out of my experience and lecture and I am way more of a dedicated student. This is not to say that while earning my B.A. or M.Ed. I wasn't dedicated, but in comparison  those experiences feel like I was just moving down stream and following the expected path. This time, I am making my own path...and it feels wonderful!
Yesterday, after class, I just sat on a bench and soaked it all in.
I look forward to the journey between now and the next year and a half. :)

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