Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Life Cycle of a Macaron

When I first attempted to make a batch of macarons four years ago, I didn't anticipate that I would be hooked on making them. It took trials and trials of recipes and methods to finally get the right technique down. Now, macarons are frequent visitors in my kitchen. Whether I am making them for people, or just playing around with flavors for my hubby and I to enjoy, making them just doesn't get old. In fact, I find the process of making macarons to be quite systematic and ritual like.

What's the day in the life of a macaron? Well, if they could speak for themselves, they may tell you it's something like this...

1. Ingredients are prepped. Meringue whips up to the perfect stiff peak stage right before the smooth yet thick batter is ready for piping.
2. Trays are double stacked. Macarons are piped carefully and strategically. Sweet decorative details are added at this point. These guys get to chill for about 30-45 minutes before heading into the oven.
3. Macaron shells are ready and cooled. They are paired, bottom side up, on the tray. The filling of choice is piped on one of each macaron shell pair. Once filled, their mates top them off creating a perfect little "sandwich".
4. Macarons are distributed for any orders or gifts. Perfectly snug and secure packaging is essential to ensure the delicate macarons don't crack or break!
5. Remaining macarons are transferred to bowls or dessert stands in my kitchen. Henry finds them easily.
6. Testing for deliciousness is key! Sweet little macarons are examined...
7. Then a bite is taken from them...
8.And another bite...
9. ...and viola! The macaron is consumed leaving a slight memory behind, in the form of sprinkles, sugar, filling, or crumbs, behind on your finger tips.
10. Finally, history repeats itself and more macarons are consumed. Just for a little while, until more macarons are made. 

Life cycles are a beautiful thing.

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