Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Find Your Just-Right Rug

1. modern  // 2. boho // 3. whimsical // 4. rustic // 5. classic // 6. romantic

When it comes to finding an area rug for any room, there are so many different options. However, I find it to be such a process because I am quite picky about rugs-- this makes sorting through tons of styles a long ordeal. I find it to be easier when I have an idea and style in mind for the space I am working with. Whether you are looking for a bold statement or are hoping to keep things simple and subtle, here is a collection of a few of my favorite styles. All of these area rugs are affordable for their large sizes-- you can thank Overstock for that (it's actually where we've found all the rugs in our home)!

Which rug is just-right for your space?


  1. I've been looking for rugs as well!! I think I might just make my own, not sure how yet.. haha

    I nominated/tag you and your blog for the Liebster award!

    Rules and questions are posted up on my blog! :)



    1. Hey! Sorry I have been away! Thank you thank you!!! I can't wait to do this tomorrow! xoxoxo