Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Office Space: Work in Progress

 Redecorating a space is really a test of patience. Be patient with how much time it takes, how much money needs to be saved, and how messy and unorganized the process will be until everything is complete. However, it's really nice when the big picture starts to become visable. That's how I feel about our loft office space. We painted the walls a cool cucumber hue back in January and since then, I have slowly started to accumulate furniture pieces and accents for the room. Although it is not quite finished and still missing some essential pieces/elements I have planned for it, I thought I would share the progress. 
 The metallic gold bookshelves were a bargain I grabbed on Craigslist-- both for about $50. They were originally black and I fixed that quickly with some spray paint. I really like the vintage design on the sleek structure. Also, the large white desk is actually a dining table I found (also on Craigslist) for $50, too. I sanded it down, primed it, and painted it a clean white. I love how large it is to use as a desk for two and a spacey craft table.
I wish I could capture how beautiful these curtains are in real life-- the picture doesn't quite do it. Husband and I purchased these from Anthropologie last summer when they were on sale for $30. Unfortunately, we purchased four panels and when they shipped we were notified that they only had three left. The were intended for our large living room window wall, but I like that they fit into our office loft space. The detail is soft without being too girly-- Henry actually really loves them, too!
This large typeface wall art is one of my favorite parts of our office space. A vendor was selling all kinds of different size letters in various colors and patterns made out of sheet metal at the Alameda Antique Fair a few weeks ago. The letters themselves are really cool and industrial and I thought they would be another great element that would contribute to the eclectic feel I wanted to create. I chose to spell out "ours" since the room is a space we will share-- not just "his" or "hers", but "ours".

So that's the work in progress for our office space! As soon as I make a little bit more progress on my walk-in-closet transformation, I'll share pictures, too.



  1. so cute! can't wait to see the finished product =)

  2. Amanda! I love your blog. Your DIYs are great, as are these pictures of your office space. I definitely want to try to refurbish and make something old new-again (like those bookcases). What a great find!

    xo, Vinni

    1. Thanks, Vinni! I appreciate the feedback. You should most definitely try finding a bargain and fixing it up. You're in the city right? I am sure there are tons of great eclectic finds oozing all around. :)

      P.S. I always drool over your Indian foooood. Gah! Yum!