Wednesday, April 24, 2013

His & Hers: Wing Tip Oxfords

After being together for so long, I have started to notice how sometimes we actually do match when people comment, " guys dress alike!" Needless to say, these are not on days where I am wearing a skirt or heels. However, it's true-- we both appreciate a lot of the same retailers and style trends and our aesthetics definitely "match" more often than not, lately. It still amuses me though when we come out of the closet wearing "would be Sadie Hawkin's outfits".  Recently, I picked up a pair of these Cole Haan Alisa Oxfords (similar) and was giddy and amused at the fact that I could add to the collection of wing tips in our show closet (my hubby sure loves them!).
Do you ever find yourselves matching with you significant other? If so, how? Do tell. :)


  1. cute!!! love the wing tip oxfords and it's so cute that you guys match =)

    1. Thanks, Steph! Yea...sometimes it's a little ridiculous. Haha... from colored pants to chambray shirts...we're a pair! You and your man are cuuuute, too!