Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reincarnate: Vintage Wall Art

Sometimes I buy things because they are a good deal and then sometimes I accidentally forget about them. This is always a bad habit, but luckily it only happens sometimes...right? If my husband were reading this out loud next to me, he would probably look over and give me "the look". This look is one that leaves me no choice but to nonchalantly glance the other way to avoid eye contact. It usually means I've done something bad. It usually results with an, "Oops". Again, good thing this happens SOMETIMES. :)

The last time I had such an "Oops" experience was when I found this wall calendar with old vintage ad posters.  I discovered it as I was moving from house to house around the time I moved in with my husband. Poor cute little calendar never even got used! When I found it, the plastic wrap was still attached.
I remember finding this at Cost Plus World Market on clearance for under $10.00. I love vintage posters and these ads were so neat. Although I never used the wall calendar for its original purpose, I decided to still make the best of its existence.

I selected a few months that had my favorite charming ads and decided to frame them and use them as wall art in our dining room. After selecting four that I would be happy having up on the walls, I picked up some 8 x 10" photo frames. The frames were on sale at JoAnn's Fabrics for about $12 a piece and I also had a coupon for an additional percentage off the total price. Fortunately, this size frame was perfect for the measurements of the artwork after removing the white margins. If you were to do this with another type of digital print, be sure to find frames that work with what you're using.
After each frame was ready, I measured my wall space in the dining room and carefully placed my mounts. We already had a large piece of artwork up on the wall, so I opted to place two of the vintage wall art pieces on each side.
I am pretty pleased with the results. These vintage ads are so charming and now I don't have to feel so bad about not using the calendar! Considering that I spent about $10 for each of these finished pieces, I would definitely say this project was a win. Now I am inspired to frame all kinds of prints I love.

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