Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wear What You Eat

Along with the rest of my blog, the weekly feature Wear What You Eat, on OMP!, is back! If you're not familiar with this post, all you need to know is that it is simply a chance for me to connect some of my favorite things: delicious food and fashion. You can view some of my old posts here.  However, with the relaunch of OMP!, I am making a few changes. In hopes of building more community amongst bloggers and local/independent artists/designers, I will seek new recipes from other foodie writers and pair them with items from shops on I am excited to start "hunting" for goodies to share on this weekly post.

Alright, enough chit-chat! :)

Next time you find yourself in front of a stack of fluffy and warm pancakes, eat this delightful sweet and tart Pomegranate Syrupfrom Lyuba of Will Cook for Smiles. Wear this stunning and handmade Ruby Gemstone & Silver Ring from Delezhen.

On a side note, I have personally purchased several items from this precious shop on Etsy and am very pleased with all my jewelry! Masha, the owner, pays great attention to detail when making her products. Thanks to her, my bridesmaids from my wedding have gorgeous personalized gold plated gemstone necklaces. If you're a soon-to-be Mrs., I definitely recommend checking this shop out for charming gifts!


  1. This is a very sweet post. Thank you for sharing my pomegranate syrup!

    1. Thanks for letting me use your content! I plan on making this syrup this weekend, by the way!