Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY: Color Pop Glasses

Last month I was doing a little shopping at Anthropologie and spotted these adorable little juice glasses. The pleasant pop of color had me swooning over them as I imagined my milk, juice, and other beverages filling them up. However, it didn't take long for my inner craft diva to spark up an idea on how to recreate these charming glasses. They may not be as pristine as Anthrpologie's, but my DIY Color Pop Glasses certainly have me swooning just as much. Especially since making 4 of them cost less than buying a single one-- cha-ching!

DIY Color Pop Glasses
Plain glasses (I bought a box of simple stemless wine glasses from TJ Maxx for $5.00. I also had a pair of little vases from some old reed diffuser sets.)
Rubbing Alchohol
Cotton balls/pads
Martha Stewart Glass Paint (colors of your choice in either opaque or transparent)
Small paint brushes
Small paper plates
Baking sheet
*Notes: The transparent glass paint is lovely, but I ended up loving the look of the opaque glass paint on my color pop glasses more. The more saturated color stands out more, in my opinion.

1. Lightly soak a cotton ball/pad with rubbing alchohol and gently clean off the surface of each glass. I focused primarily on the areas I knew I would be coating in glass paint.
2. Squeeze about 1-2 quarter sized amounts of glass paint onto a paper plate (one color per plate). Use a clean paint brush to smooth the paint over the plate in attempts to create as even a layer of paint as possible.
3. Take hold of a glass and lightly place it upside down onto a plate containing glass paint. Slowly and gently, grasp the body of the glass and turn it 360 degrees a few times. This is to ensure that the rim is coated evenly. When finished coating the rim, place the glass, upright, onto the baking sheet

4. Repeat this process with your remaining glasses.

5. Allow the glasses to dry on the baking sheet for at least one hour. After they are dry, place the entire sheet of glasses into a cool oven (do not preheat).

6. Close the oven and set the baking temperature to 350 degrees F (the glasses need to be baked with gradual heat). Once the oven has finished heating up to 350 degrees F., allow the glasses to bake for 30 more minutes. Turn off the oven and let the glasses cool in the oven completely-- after doing other tasks, I came back to these guys about 3 hours later.
7. Leave the finished color pop glasses out at room temperature for another 72 hours before washing and using. These should be dishwasher safe (as long as your glasses are).


  1. You're brilliant, Amanda! I was just about to buy some at anthro, but hesitated, so happy I mosied over to your blog and saw this tutorial. Your blog is so adorable and thoughtful, love it :)))

    1. Thank you, Eunice! I appreciate the feedback! Please make these so we can drink vino together from matching glasses...don't mind the distance. :)